Drama classes for tots, kids and teenagers in Kildare and Meath.

Friendly classes structured around key aspects of performing arts including dancing, singing, stagecraft and acting for camera.

Brennan Academy & Agency submit students for auditions and are experts in TV/Film audition preparation.






This privacy policy describes what personal data Brennan Academy of Performing Arts ('BAPA') collects and what we do with that personal data. Personal data is information that can be used to identify you or your child or tell someone something about you or your child. The information which we collect may include your name / your child’s name, contact details and your child's date of birth. We are also required to collect and process information relating to any medical conditions which your child has for health and safety reasons.


What personal data do we collect?

BAPA collects details from the parent/carer regarding the student at time of registration including:

• Child’s name, date of birth, home address

• Name, home address, email address and contact numbers of parent/carer

• Any relevant medical conditions of child (ie. asthma, allergies, etc)


Why do we collect this information and how is it used?

• Child’s name and date of birth - we collect this information to identfy the correct class for the student.

• Home address, email address and phone number(s) of Child/Parent/Carer - we collect this information to distribute any necessary correspondence, invoices and other communications relating to BAPA and your child, or to contact you in the case of emergency.

• Details of medical conditions - we collect this information to ensure that we are aware of anything that might put your child at risk and the attention that may be required.


Subject to your consent which we receive upon registration, we may send you information about BAPA events, workshops, summer schools and/or third-party events, workshops and summer schools. You may withdraw your consent to your personal data being used for this purpose at any time by contacting us at: gdprbapa@gmail.com


Which third partes do we share this information with?

• If your child is partcipating in a BAPA performance or show, the above information will be sent to the relevant Local Authorities and/or Organisers. This is a requirement of the relevant Local Authorities and/or Organisers so that they can confirm we are following the correct procedures regarding the Children’s performance activities and where necessary, to issue the necessary licences.

If your child is successful in booking a film / commercial etc.. we are required to share with Casting Director / Production Company your Name, your child's Name, your child's DOB & Residential Address, this is for the purpose of securing a child licence (issued by NERA).  


Who can access this Data?

• The data we collect is stored securely at BAPA offices and is accessible only by the School Principals and the Office Staff.

• Telephone numbers and email addresses of students/parents/guardians are also kept by the School Principal and Office Staff in case of emergency.


If my child leaves the school what happens to my personal data and my child’s personal data?

When a student leaves BAPA, personal data relating to that child and their parent/carer will be deleted from the database.









Noella McCann & Laura Brennan (“The Principals”) have the sole right to accept applicants for classes with the Brennan Academy of Performing Arts  (‘the academy”).  The Principals have the absolute right to turn down any application at their sole discretion.


All fees for the term must be paid in full a week in advance of that term's commencement or at latest the first class of a new term - this is for strict insurance reasons.  Failure to pay term fees will result in your child  not being allowed to take part in class.  In certain situations we will try and accommodate a payment structure e.g. half fee at week 1 of term and remainder to be paid week 5 of term (just talk to our facilitator re same).

Fees must be made payable to ‘Brennan Performing Arts’ or if you use banking online and this service suits you, please contact our facilitator who will provide you with our banking details.

It is at the discretion of the academy should they wish to make any refunds once an applicant has commenced his/her first class of a term.


The academy shall only allow applicants to participate in a class which he/she is registered.


Students shall not attend the academy for their first class of a day any earlier than ten minutes before that class is due to start.  Students who are being collected from the academy must be collected within ten minutes of the scheduled end of their last class of the day.  Parents should check with the relevant teachers to ascertain the duration of each class.


Each parent/guardian must complete the attached declaration in respect of each child attending the academy regarding collection arrangements after school. Pupils who are to be collected at the academy must be collected inside the academy premises.


Parents/Guardians are very welcome to contact our office to make an appointment to speak with the Principals, or one of the teachers, to discuss any aspect of the academy.  We regret that the academy personnel are not available to speak to parents/guardians before, during or after any class without a prior appointment.

Whilst the academy will make every effort to ensure that each class is taken by the nominated teacher for that subject, the academy must retain the right to appoint substitute teachers for particular classes if need arises.

The Principal has the right, at its sole discretion, to request any particular pupils to refrain from attending further classes, and the parents/guardians shall be bound by such a decision.


Brennan Performing Arts is dedicated to providing a safe and secure environment for its students and Staff.  Our Child Protection Policy is available to parents and staff to view at all of our schools. All of its Principals, teachers and assistants have Garda clearance and have completed Child Protection Course in order to work with children and young adults.

Brennan Performing Arts is committed to a child-centred approach to our work with children and young people. We undertake to provide a safe environment and experience, where respect for, and the welfare of, the child/young person are paramount.


We will adhere to the “Children First National Guidelines for the Protection and Welfare of Children” by having and implementing procedures covering:


·         Safe recruitment, training, and management/supervision of staff

·         Code of behaviour for staff

·         Incidents and accidents

·         Complaints

·         Reporting of suspected or disclosed abuse

·         Confidentiality

·         Allegations of misconduct or abuse by staff

·         Health & Safety Policy

·         Bullying Policy


We at Brennan Performing Arts believe in having a Facilitator present at classes whose role is to supervise rather than teach.  

Brennan Performing Arts has full public liability insurance. Our Child protection policies follow all National and Best Practice Guidelines.



Mobile Phones

The use of mobile phones by children is strictly prohibited during Brennan Academy classes.  Your child may bring a mobile phone but it must be placed in their bag or coat until the end of class.


All students are required to wear appropriate clothing to class. In terms of movement and activity lead modules, students must wear runners/plimsolls/jazz shoes.


Sling back shoes, boots, uggs etc. are not considered appropriate footwear as they do not offer the correct support and could result in the child having an accident.


Brennan Academy have in stock and available to purchase a t-shirt and a hoodie, both specifically designed for movement. We encourage all our students to avail of these.  Orders can be placed in class with our facilitator.





The General Data Protection Regulation, known as GDPR, comes into effect on 25th May 2018 and is a very positive step towards you having more control over how your data is used and how you are contacted.  In order to comply with this new legislation we have updated our privacy policy as detailed above.








All Brennan Performing Arts Students who have expressed an interest in the Agency and have indicated so at registration process (by clicking on agency consent), are represented for castings through our associated business 'Brennan Acting Agency'.  Brennan Agency represents Adults and Young Actors (Agency Director for our Young Actors Section is Fiona Brennan Fennelly).   Brennan Agency receive audition breakdowns on a regular basis and where suitable, clients’ headshots and biogs are sent to be screened privately by casting directors. Usually only one/two thirds of our young actors will be invited to attend casting based on their look / age / suiting the particular role / impressing at previous castings or 'on set' experience.

We do not inform parents when we send these submissions as we are doing this on a near daily basis and there could be up to 5-20 roles per film/TV/commercial campaign.Therefore we are sending hundreds of suggestions every month so it is not realistic for us to notify parents of each submission until we hear back from the casting director as to whom they wish to invite for each particular casting.  However, when directors are looking for a wide range of artistes with various 'looks’ and or experience they may request us to share this on social media/via email, we will then post the casting call on our Facebook page and or email brief with instructions to you.





Is there a fee to be represented by 'Brennan Acting Agency'?
No, there is no fee to be on our books.


Can you join Brennan Acting Agency if you are not an existing member of 'Brennan Performing Arts'?
No, we only represent students attending our classes


All our students who wish to be represented have their headshots taken yearly at our classes (generally end of September).  Fee is usually €7 - €10 to cover photographer and administrative expenses.  Everyone will receive a copy of their headshots.  If you already have headshots then please email them to fionabrennanagency@gmail.com

Without a headshot we cannot submit actors for castings.


Where Do Auditions Take Place?
Auditions generally take place in Dublin City Centre and most usually in the Courtyard Studios in Ringsend, Film Base in Temple Bar or Central Hotel, Dublin 2.


When Are Auditions Usually Held?
Auditions tend to happen after school hours. However, depending on clients’ availability, auditions may be during school days and sometimes during school hours. Please note that if your child is part of our agency and we contact you about an audition, it is very important that they attend. There are many young actors’ agencies with only a very limited amount of audition slots available. We do appreciate it isn’t always possible to attend so please inform us asap if you become aware that you cannot attend the audition.


How Long Do Auditions Last?
Commercial auditions generally last five minutes. Film/TV auditions can last anywhere from five to thirty minutes.


How Many Young Actors Are Invited To Attend Castings?

Commercial Castings: anywhere from 40 – 100 or sometimes more.

TV/Film: anywhere from 40 – 300, sometimes even more if they are big castings, nationwide or international searches etc.


Casting directors need to pick their very best from all of the agencies and the client needs to have a good bunch of actors to choose from.

Do You Hear Back From Your Audition?
No, you won't unless you have been shortlisted or recalled or cast, in which case your agent will call or text you. 

Casting Directors can see anywhere from 100 kids to 200 adults per day for castings so they don’t always have time to get back to agents if their client has been unsuccessful. Generally they are already on to their next casting.  If however we do receive feedback, we will always make sure to pass it on.


If Cast What Commission Is Deducted?

If cast your Agent will negotiate contracts, get paperwork in order and assist with many other agency related matters.  Your Agent will invoice for your payment. Commission will be deducted as follows:

Commercial 15%
TV & Film 10% - 15%
Theatre 10% - 15%

Your  Agent  will  transfer  your  payment  to  you accompanied  by  an  email  with  your breakdown. Actors are responsible for their own tax affairs.



What Preparation is involved for Castings?
If the Casting is for TV / Film / Stage we will most likely receive a script for the child to learn.  Sometimes we will need to do a 'self-tape' and send it to the Casting Director, Self-Tapes are becomming ever more popular especially for initial rounds of the casting process.

If the casting is for a commercial then one of our agents will contact you and give you as much information as possible.  Commercials  mostly involve ‘improvisation’ which our students learn about in class.  If there is a script involved we will email it to you.



I Am Still Unsure Whether to Have My Child Represented?
A lot of children adapt really quickly to the casting process and for other children they might not be ready to hear the words "sorry not this time"

The last thing we want is for any child to start losing their confidence and that's when you, the parent, need to decide if or when the time is right to join the Agency.
All of our students so far who have auditioned have been fantastic and even when they haven’t been offered the job they have gotten a great boost from doing so well. Of course it is an amazing feeling when someone does get the job and this tends to lead to more opportunities happening. That’s because as mentioned before Casting Directors can pick and choose who they wish to see.


Other Castings / Agency Opportunities
RTE / TV3 and other production companies look for children for various programmes e.g. Young Peoples Programmes on RTE or reality kids programmes. All students in our school will be given the opportunity to take part in these programmes. As always it depends on what comes in and what age bracket it is targeted at.

Please note that these programmes are generally unpaid with no travel expenses. Students that have taken part in these programmes have had an amazing time and frequently come away with goodie bags etc. Check Out Our 'Credits' Page on our website for Our Successes to Date.




Edited by Andrea and Fiona

Last Updated 24/05/2018